Carol James Drolet

Maxwell                                                    Molly                                                    Born April 27, 2012. So tired from "reading"!               Born May 3, 2011.  Bright eyed girl.  "Miss Alpa!" 


About Carol

Carol James Drolet  teacher, head mistress, entrepreneur, author, artist, public speaker, non-profit fundraiser and therapy dog team volunteer.  Youngest daughter of Truman James (1917-1999) and Elizabeth Daniel James (1919 - 1985). One sibling, Nancy James Payne.

She attended Chicora High School and graduated in the first class of Garrett High School.

After attending Winthrop College, Carol married Michael Drolet .  She holds a BS degree in Early Childhood Education and a BS degree in Elementary Education (Charleston Southern University).  Her graduate studies are from the Citadel and College of Charleston.

Three sons,  Jamie, Cameron, Daniel, and daughter, Cashion, highlight Carol's life.  Her eight grandchildren also vie for a coveted spot.  Since retirement, Carol has found time to hone her writing skills to share her stories.  When she's not in her library writing, she's in the kitchen or at the gym.  You can also find Carol oil painting;  with her precious Westie pups, Molly and Maxwell, near her side.  

Since Harper (first grandchild) died from cancer in 2011, the Drolet family established  This  foundation provides funds for pediatric cancer research at the Medical University of South Carolina. Please visit the website and learn more about the hopes and dreams of a dynamic 11 year old young lady and the wishes she had for the cure of cancer.

Carol's first novel, My White Cocoon, debuted 2007.  The sequel, Khaki , followed in 2011. 

After many years of struggling with her weight, Carol successfully lost 85 pounds. 

"Everyone asked my secret, so My Pants Are Getting Baggy (Yours Can, Too!), was written in 2012."   This is a wonderful, motivational guide for success! 

Carol's proud to be an entrepreneur and has received awards for her lowcountry leadership.  She  particularly enjoys book signing tours and says, "They allow me the opportunity to speak with people!"  Carol's creativity and warmth overflow when she shares her images of the South and Charleston.